Nothin’ Like a Hug

by Kirsta Malone and dedicated to Carissa Mosher

Her warm, soft breath felt so good on a cold, fall day like this one.  The small pony wrapped her head and neck around the young girl’s small frame as if to give her a hug.  The little girl giggled as she stroked the pony’s thick winter coat with a brush.  

What a glorious day for a ride!  It was difficult to fit the helmet over the knit cap.  Taking the knit cap off was not an option. The little girl’s hair was just beginning to grow back after months of chemo and radiation.  Today there was no sign of the Rhaboid tumor that took most of her thigh muscle as she trotted away on her own.  The pony’s nose pointed to the ground in complete submission.  No one would guess this was the little girl’s second lesson!  God Bless the kindness of a horse- well, in this case- a pony! 

Picture does not go directly to story. Credit to Nicole Ferrara

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