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If you would like to help Healing H’Arts grow, please consider sponsoring one of our hard-working horses.  Horses are an ongoing expense.  Our horses work hard for their riders and we aim to make sure they are well cared for.  If you make this choice, we will send you photos of your horse at work, a window cling and magnet to show that you are a Healing H’Arts family member.  

Tuffy is a 21-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding. Tuffy came to Healing H’Arts in October 2019 when his owners visited the barn on a motorcycle and asked if Healing H’Arts would be interested in a horse. In November 2019 he was found in his pasture with a broken jaw.  He was cared for by Cornell Vet Hospital and had surgery to place a plate and screws in his jaw.  Due to the surgery, Tuffy had multiple complications when he returned home. His second surgery to remove the plate and screws in February 2020 was much smoother and he quickly recovered and was put into work. During his recoveries, he gained popularity with the media and raised the funds needed to cover his medical expenses. At Healing H’Arts Tuffy is now used for lessons and therapeutic riding. One of Tuffy’s favorite riders is an adult who is deaf. Tuffy loves all his riders and anyone who visits him. 

Ruby is a 13-year-old American Quarter Horse mare. She came to Healing H’Arts in December 2019, when her owner had unexpectedly passed away. She previously had a career as a barrel racer but suffered an injury which ended her career early. She then became a trail riding horse and is now at Healing H’Arts. She currently is a lesson horse but has plans to be joining the therapeutic riding program. She is very carefree and loving and enjoys the trails at Healing H’Arts.

Rosebud is a 15-year-old American Quarter Horse mare. She came to Healing H’Arts in 2016. She was previously owned by a young boy and was the family pet. She currently is a superstar for all parts of Healing H’Arts programming including lessons, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy. She has also been used with the Wells College Program. She tolerates all activities as we often use hula hoops, pin wheels and pool noodles in lessons. She loves to be groomed and enjoys all her riders and visitors.

Sassy is a 24-year-old Pinto pony mare. She has been in the program for 15 years. She is the go-to all around pony who is willing to go anywhere. She visits the mall, Dickman Farms, Elementary schools, and horse shows. She is used for all programs, including lessons, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy. She is very tolerable as she deals with any activity we can come up with. She’s a great kids horse and is very predictable and reliable.

Ebony is a 15-year-old Paint mare. She is used for unmounted activities as she has a club foot. She visits the Cornell Farrier on a regular basis to maintain her hooves. Due to her needed care for the clubbed foot, every 8 weeks she receives special glue on shoes to help keep her sound and comfortable. She is very social, loves her people and is always interested in what is going on around her.

Edward is a 15-year-old Appaloosa gelding. He came to Healing H’Arts the summer 2019 from the Veterinarian and her family. He had been used as a trail and light riding horse. He is often stubborn but is still willing and loving. He is a large horse and the size and build makes him an appropriate fit for the adult riders. He has been used with the Wells College Program. He enjoys an independent rider and loves being groomed and visited. Edward is currently SPONSORED!

Sunny is a 15-year-old, American Quarter Horse mare. She is used for lessons for a more experience rider and has been to horse shows. She came to Healing H’Arts in 2010 as a project horse for Kirsta’s daughter. When her daughter grew up, Sunny had a new job as a lesson horse.

Skip is a 28-year-old Paint gelding, on his way to retirement. He has been used for lessons, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy. He has also been used with the Wells College Program. He has participated in parades; horse shows and has always been the go-to. With his age and experience he has earned a happy retirement and will slowly lessen his workload. He will always be an easy trail horse and loves all his riders.