Research shows using horses as a tool in therapies satisfies a need in many communities across the country for comprehensive and diversified programs.  This methodology–often referred to as equine assisted activities–can reach multiple populations including children 2-21, veterans, adults with developmental disabilities, and the growing population of people on the autism spectrum.  Healing H’Arts Equestrian Center, Inc. (HH’Arts) is confident in the impact we can have in our surrounding communities.  Over the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in the need for alternative services in our area for disabilities including autism, traumatic brain injury, and neuromuscular impairments.  Our troops returning home have also been in need of alternative treatment ideas.  Using horses as a tool to improve the daily life of these people shows tremendous potential.  Hippotherapy, in particular, is the only treatment strategy that engages the entire brain at the same time as it allows new pathways to be created.  The uniqueness of movement through space as well as the emotional connections people make with horses cannot be duplicated in a clinical setting.

Located in Union Springs, NY, HH’Arts addresses the need for diverse programming by using horses as a tool to serve Cayuga, Tompkins and Seneca Counties.  Local towns/cities include but are not limited to: Auburn, Ithaca, Seneca Falls, Union Springs, Aurora, King Ferry, Genoa, Moravia, Cato, Weedsport, Port Byron, Montezuma and Lansing.  HH’Arts is the only business in a 70 mile radius to offer the following (in one setting):

  • Services in therapeutic riding
  • Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy using hippotherapy theory
  • Employment for people with different abilities
  • Educational opportunities for students entering the human services or health field
  • Volunteer opportunities

In summary, Healing H’Arts Equestrian Center, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization that provides access to people of all abilities and socioeconomic statuses with services such as physical therapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy using the hippotherapy theory.

Search #HHarts on Facebook and Twitter for related information and updates from the website. We also encourage people to tag their posted memories from Healing H’Arts with #HHarts.

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