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My name is Natalie, I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant student from Cayuga Community College. I had the privilege of completing my level II fieldwork at Healing H’arts Equestrian Center. I came here not really knowing what to expect as I’ve never been around horses and didn’t know much about hippotherapy. My time here has gone beyond my expectations and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of Healing H’arts for the past 8 weeks!

When reflecting on my time here, I realized how much knowledge I had learned in such a short period. An OT student and I had an opportunity to share our experience at Healing H’arts with a group of other OT students. As we were talking, we both looked at each other blown away by all the knowledge we had gained from being here. For a moment, I felt like I really knew what I was doing!

I’ve learned so much from Kirsta, the horses, and volunteers and I will be taking all this knowledge with me to put into practice as an OTA. I want to thank Kirsta for her knowledge, guidance, and experience she has contributed to me during my time here.  She has such a love and passion for the work she does, and she deserves to be recognized. I am amazed by her long hours of work and dedication that she gives every single day to Healing H’arts. Healing H’arts would not be what it is now without her.

I was blown away by the number of volunteers that are so happy and dedicated to come help each week. Every single person that volunteers is vital to keeping this place running smoothly and creating such a happy environment for every person that comes through its doors. To every horse handler, side walker, individual that cleans and cares for the horses, and so on, your work is valued and appreciated!

It was a breath of fresh air to step away from a typical work environment and enter the barn every day. I will truly miss my time here, but I am so grateful for everything I will be taking with me. To Kirsta, the volunteers, clients, their families, and every four-legged animal that runs around this place, thank you for making this such an enjoyable fieldwork experience!

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