By: Jenna Shortsleeve

My experience at Healing H’Arts has transformed my life in unimaginable ways.  I knew luck was with me when I was assigned this unique internship opportunity.   I hit the proverbial jackpot of educational and professional development.  The training, knowledge, and skills acquired during my time here have far exceeded my expectations.  Personally, I have felt overjoyed with extraordinary happiness and love since being here.  Perpetuating  powerful energy and positive vibes, the impact of Healing H’Arts is seen and felt by everyone who enters the barn. 

Surrounded by amazing people, majestic horses, and enthusiastic riders, there is never a bad day…or a dull moment.  The expression “it takes a village” comes to mind  thinking about the devoted volunteers who play their parts in nurturing this special place.  The “Barn Family” epitomize the loyalty, compassion, and diligence essential for any family unit.  The labors of love are clear to see and feel throughout the entire Healing H’Arts organization.  And I want to thank everyone who has welcomed me with open arms into the “Family.”

Vital to its success are the horses, providing the heartbeat that runs the of program.  These animals are truly magnificent and beautiful.  Instantly I felt drawn to them, marveled at their huge personalities and gracious movements. Horses possess a raw, intuitive nature that allows them to mirror our own feelings.  There is no dishonesty and no judgement, just a mutual trust and respect.  An unparalleled sense of peace and happiness has come over me, and I feel calmer, bolder, and more confident than ever before.

Lastly, I want to address Kirsta herself, the visionary and creator of Healing H’Arts.  Her motivation and dedication to her profession and her “Barn Family” is unmatched.  Kirsta’s motor never stops as she spins all her plates.  In addition to her mentorship, she has inspired me to follow my dreams, stay true to myself, and to walk through life with gratitude.  Kirsta is a beacon of light and happiness, reminding everyone to be mindful and appreciate the world as it is right now.  For me, Healing H’Arts has completely honored its name…my heart is healed, and my spirit is liberated. 

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