Thoughts from Naomi Week 3 & 4

Week 3 was definitely my most challenging week so far, mentally and physically.

The past couple weeks I’ve had to sidewalk and of course help around the facility. For most of our riders, sidewalking is fairly easy and does not require a lot of strength because they can hold themselves up and balance fairly well. We had a rider in week 3 who initially did not want to ride and needed complete support while riding. While talking to Cyndy, she told me something. There’s a difference between pushing a kid too far, and knowing just how far to push them. Sometimes people need a little extra push to get better or be put outside of their comfort zone (this includes everyone). It might not make the situation easier, but I realized that knowing who you are working with is an important part of this job.

In week 4, that same rider came back. It was much easier that week than the previous week. He still did not want to get on, but he did not resist as much either. I saw an incredible improvement in the flexibility of his leg muscles. He was more relaxed and less tight, and he was able to sit up and he held his own body weight the majority of the ride.

These past couple weeks have been so exciting for me because I can actually see improvements so quickly. It makes me realize how rewarding volunteering at Healing H’Arts really is.


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